Types of Fees

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Types of Fees

There are 07 Types of Fees which are determined by Board of Trustee.

  1. First time Alumni Registration Fee
  2. Annual membership fee
  3. Membership grade change fee. Such as- General membership to Life membership fee
  4. Reunion & Election Fee
  5. Fee for Social Events other than Reunion & Election
  6. Any other Special occasion/extraordinary Fee proposed by MISTAS Council and determined by Board of trustee.
  7. Donation

Policy of Fees

  1. MISTAS Council (General Member, Life Member) must pay the First time Alumni registration fee.
  2. MISTAS Council must pay an annual membership fee, which is payable for each calendar year on Within January Month
  3. The annual membership fee for a member will be set by Board of Trustee.
  4. Capitation Components must be determined by Board of Trustee by an affirmative vote by a two-third (2/3) majority.
  5. No part of any membership fee is refundable or adjustable which are mentioned as above
  6. General Members can pay the grade change fee to become the life members.
  7. Honorary members and Patrons are waived from annual fee as MISTAS expects for their better contribution at the time of needs.
  8. A member losing/ceasing membership due to nonpayment of fees in 3 (three) consecutive years may restore his or her membership by paying 10 percent more than his/her total outstanding dues/fees in onetime.
  9. Any member willing to upgrade his/her membership shall have to clear all his/her outstanding dues/fees up to previous year before the application for upgrade is actually lodged.
  10. Board of Trustee reserves the right to set fees for different initiatives, activities, welfare, events, publication etc.
  11. The members are only bound to pay membership and renewal fees, no other fees set by the Board of Trustee.
  12. All types of fee amount will be determined by the Ad-hoc committee AGM or first AGM of Board of trustee for their tenure.
  13. Each Board reserves the right to set fee amount for their tenure and next board can revisit the fee amount if necessary.
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