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MIST Alumni Society

What are the general criteria for MISTAS MEMBERSHIP?

First of all, MISTAS Membership requires at least a 04-Year Graduation from MIST.

Upon fulfillment of the criteria stated below any person irrespective of his/her nationality will be deemed eligible:

  1. Agrees to abide by the laws imposed by Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  2. Agrees to uphold the Memorandum of Association and Article of the Association and intent to devote for the welfare services and activities of MISTAS.
  3. Is associated with any affairs of MIST.
  4. Is clear of any criminal records domestically or internationally.
  5. Is not declared/ certified as mentally unstable.
  6. Agrees to pay fees associated with the membership criterion as determined by the board of Trustee.

What amenities General Members will enjoy and how much legislative authority they will have over MISTAS?

General Membership position dignifies all the registered alumnus /alumna of MIST in MISTAS. The registration unveils the MISTAS Alumni database and interactive web portal for a member. Any general member can run for any of Executive Committee Posts and vote in MISTAS election.  Also, all general members will be provided Alumni ID Cards by names.

Who are eligible for General Membership?

A person who has completed his/her Four (04) years Bachelors degree from Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

How long the General Membership is valid?

General Membership is valid for one (01)calendar year. As a special offer for registering this time, membership will be valid till Dec,2020.

What is the membership fee for General Membership?

BDT 1,500 (Fifteen Hundred only) for General Membership. It is one-time non-refundable fee.

How much do I need to pay as single time payment for Life Membership now?

BDT 10,000 (Ten Thousand only). It is one-time non-refundable fee.

What is the annual renewal fee for General Member?

BDT 1,000 (One Thousand only) per year for General Members. It is non-refundable fee.

What amenities Life Members will enjoy in MISTAS?

Life members are exempt from paying the Yearly Membership Renewal Fee for lifetime.

As of other privileges, Life Members will avail all facilities as General Members do. Board of Trustee can declare some additional priorities, features and advantages for Life Members.

Is Membership Grade a factor to be a candidate/nominee of Executive Committee or Board of Trustee position?

Not a factor generally.

Is there any age limit for Membership Grade?

No. there is no age limit.

Is there any age limit for run candidacy for Executive Committee?

No. there is no age limit.

Who are eligible for Life Membership?

Any person eligible for General Membership will be eligible for Life Membership by any of the following processes-

  1. A General Member after completing 10 years membership may be transferred to Life Membership. In this case membership up gradation fee will be applicable.
  2. Any General Member can upgrade him/herself at any point of his/her membership through payment of the designated (Life) membership fee.

How long Life Membership is valid?

Life membership, as the name implies; is a membership for life-time. They would avail all facilities, offers and special offers as declared by Board of Trustee throughout their lifetime.

I did registration for MISTAS Launching Ceremony - Meet & Greet (13th September, 2019). Do I need to do registration again?

Yes. Meet & Greet was the MISTAS Launching Event and participants did the Event Registration, not Membership registration.

When will the Election take place?

We are expecting to arrange the first ever MISTAS ELECTION in the first quarter of 2020 with prior discussion and final documentary Commitment from MIST on availability of MIST Campus on that particular weekend.

What is the last date of membership registration?

Alumni registration is open for all. Any alumni can register in MISTAS anytime s/he desires.

To be mentioned here, the MISTAS Ad-hoc committee wishes to announce Nomination and Voter list   for Executive Committee Election by Nov’19. And only registered Alumni will be eligible to participate in the election process.

Can present/current students do the registration?

No. A four year graduation from is a must for MISTAS Membership.

I am staying in abroad. Can I pay in foreign currency?

Yes, you can pay through your international credit card provided that your card must have Int’l transaction payment via e-commerce enabled. Our online payment portal supports International VISA/MasterCard.

What are the available payment methods?

We have a standard payment portal integrated which allows payment through any VISA (debit/credit) card, MASTERCARD (debit/credit), Nexus Card, Bkash, Rocket.

If someone completes 10 years General Membership and pays the upgradation fee for life Membership, does s/he still need to pay BDT 10,000?

No. BDT 10,000 (Life Membership Fee) is applicable when a General Member has not fulfilled the 10-Year-Membership condition but wishes to be upgraded to Life Member.

Can I transfer my Membership status to someone?

No. Membership status is an exclusive right of that designated person. It cannot be transferred from one person to another.

Is there any Auto-Renewal Process?

Not yet. We will send a reminder SMS and E-mail to the registered users regarding membership renewal. In future, we would add options of auto-renewal of Membership where renewal fee will be deducted from the member’s bank account or credit card.

May any General Member or Life Member be a Patron?

The Board of Trustees may declare any person, who has contributed highly significant services to MISTAS or MISTAS affiliated organizations and events which have direct effect on positive branding of MIST as well as MISTAS locally and globally, either by providing significant financial support to their cause or by rendering outstanding services as A Patron.

Under this circumstance any registered member may be a Patron, decided by the Board of Trustee.

How to resign from Alumni membership?

Member may resign his/her membership by a formal communication to Executive Committee. The resignation shall take effect as per Membership section of MISTAS Constitution. But an act of resigning will restrict a member from readmission for the subsequent two calendar years starting from the confirmation of the registration. In case of, readmitting a resigned alumnus, the person cannot be readmitted to a higher member grade than his previous one. 

Will Membership fee (General Member, Life Member) be changed in future?

Every Board of Trustee (03 years tenure of each Board of Trustee) reserves the rights to change the fee.

Membership GradeEntry FeeAnnual Renewal FeeUp gradation Fee
General Member1,500 (Fifteen Hundred)1,000 (One Thousand)Yet to decide
Life Member10,000 (Ten Thousand)N/AN/A
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