Membership Guideline

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MIST Alumni Society

Rules of Eligibility

  1. Agrees to abide by the laws and regulations imposed by Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  2. Is clear of any criminal records
  3. Is not declared/ certified as mentally unstable.
  4. Is associated with any affairs of MIST.
  5. Agrees to abide by the memorandum of association and Article of the association and intent to devote for the welfare services and activities of MISTAS.
  6. Agrees to pay fees associated with the membership criterion as determined by the board of Trustee.
  7. Willing to donate/support for the humanitarian causes or initiatives taken by MISTAS

Member Types

  1. General Member
  2. Life Member
  3. Honorary Member
  4. Patron

Among these membership grades, registered General Member and Life Member will form MISTAS Council, in short “MISTIAN” which is the first tier of the organization. In other way, MISTAS Council or MISTIAN consists of registered General Member and Life Members.

General Member

  1. One must be eligible to apply for membership
  2. One must have completed four years of Bachelor program from MIST.
  3. Provide the registration fee to MISTAS.

General member can a part of Management committee, Departmental Executive committee as per described in Governance of MISTAS.

Life Member

Any general member of MISTAS can become the Life member by paying ten (10) years’ annual fee at a time or any general member who have paid all the fees for consecutive 10 years.

  • Life members can a part of MISTAS Board of trustee and Executive committee under the eligibility clauses of Board of Trustees and Executive Committee respectively.

Honorary Member

  1. One must be eligible to apply for membership (Clause 2.1)
  2. One who completed Graduation from any universities other than MIST But makes significant contribution in engineering technology sector, humanitarian sector, social sector, economic sector etc.
  3. One who has completed any Postgraduate program from MIST e.g. M. Phil, M. Sc, M. Engg, Ph. D is also entitled to be an Honorary member.
  4. Any permanent faculty from MIST whose service tenure is more than 08 years with goodwill is also entitled to be an honorary member.
  5. The Board of Trustees of MISTAS reserves the rights to award someone with ‘Honorary Membership’ under above criteria.
  6. Honorary Members shall enjoy the same facilities of General Members and life members except that they (Honorary Members) shall not be eligible to vote in any election of MISTAS.


  • The Board of Trustees may elect any person, who has contributed highly significant services to MISTAS or MISTAS affiliated clubs which have direct effect on positive branding of MIST as well as MISTAS locally and globally, either by making generous donation(s) of funds or material resource, or by rendering outstanding services as A Patron.
  • A Patron may or may not be a General member or a Life Member of MISTAS.
  • A Patron, who is not a General Member or a life member, shall not be eligible for voting in an election.

The Honorable Commandant of MIST will be the Chief Patron of MISTAS.

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