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“MIST ALUMNI SOCIETY” in short “MISTAS” is a non-political, non-profitable, non-government, voluntary, social welfare and charitable organization for the registered alumni of MILITARY INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (MIST)

With a view to creating our beloved alma mater a best technical institute locally and globally, MISTAS is devoted to the welfare and betterment of Alumni and Undergraduate Students of MIST, by ensuring community support, creating opportunities, networking platform, promoting innovation, excellence through educational and extra-curricular activities, preserving the cooperation, respect and integrity bonding bridge between its members.

Our Vision

To achieve the highest peak of cooperation, unity and excellence among its members by supporting for good causes and in the process becoming a globally recognized platform to contribute to our beautiful planet Earth.

Our Slogan

Bonded Together, Branded Together.

Our Objectives

MISTAS will work for implementation of its following aims and objectives which are not limited within for the service of its members:

  1. To develop stronger bond and unity among its alumni and well-wishers of the society.
  2. To create learning and networking platform for sharing knowledge, experience, wisdom, opportunities amongst its members regardless of their specialties and background.
  3. To arrange and host different professional development training programs, seminars, workshops, lectures, symposium to enhance skills of its members or affiliated entities.
  4. To raise funds and ensure social & personal welfare of Alumni as well as Undergraduate Students of MIST
  5. To create and enhance the career in different fields and self development opportunities and status of its members.
  6. To uphold, Enhance and promote the image and heritage of MIST
  7. To facilitate research and development, initiatives, projects for socio-economic and humanitarian advancement
  8. To encourage research, business development, association and professional excellence among Alumni as well as Undergraduate Students of MIST.
  9. To introduce a common platform for Alumni to collaborate, support for sustainable development of the society.
  10. To facilitate affiliated MIST Student Organizations and events to promote MIST and MISTAS.
  11. To arrange social activities such as reunions, picnics, dinners, cultural programs, and exchange visits for greater social unity among alumni.
  12. To Liaise & collaborate with other technical, non-technical organization, associations, institutes and universities.
  13. To arrange conference in national and international level to publish the research and innovative works of its members, to inspire and recognize them.
  14. To promote study and practice engineering into realistic application for economic development in Bangladesh
  15. To honor and accolade its high achieving members.
  16. To collaborate and consult with MIST on common matters for the betterment of Alumni.
  17. To promote the benefits of membership of MISTAS
  18. To set guidelines for ethics and disciplines for the members of the Association.
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